In just 30 short days, COMMON’s Fall Conference in St. Louis Missouri will be upon us.  The Foundation’s Student Initiative to bring students and educators to the conference is well underway. With eight schools nationwide expressing interest in attending with multiple students from each school interested, the Foundation is working to raise the funds necessary to cover their registration, hotel and some travel expenses if possible. With only a month remaining, the Foundation has yet to reach their goal to accommodate the schools and students that want to attend.  We need your help! Please consider donating to the Student Initiative for the Fall Conference.

It’s here that students can learn about the industry, while attending award-winning sessions with worldwide recognized speakers and authorities on IBM i. They are able to interact with industry vendors to learn about their products and services as well as meet and network with those individuals passionate about IBM i. Plus this year, COMMON has developed a Student Track that combines both technical education with general business skills, providing students with learning and networking opportunities that they just can’t get in a classroom.

Post-conference feedback from students is always overwhelmingly positive, with most saying that the knowledge they gained at the conference gave them confidence in their career choice as well as the connections valuable to gaining traction in the industry.

As we continue to see an influx of IBM people retiring with fewer people to backfill the open positions, it’s more important than ever to show the younger generation and upcoming IT professionals that the IBM platform is modern and still remains  relevant today and will be well into the future.

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Thank you in advance for your generous support!

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