What’s the best way to weed out today’s future IT talent…hold a competition. The COMMON Education Foundation, in partnership with IBM, will be kicking off an IBM open source programming competition this summer to find the best and the brightest in open source.

As a student, the benefits of participating in a competition of this nature are many. For the driven, it presents the opportunity for a challenge. It can be a great way to reveal one’s skill set, while validating overall problem-solving skills. And for those individuals who have yet to gain work experience, it can be a great conversation starter on a resume if no actual work experience exists.  Plus, this specific competition will allow students to communicate and network with IT professionals in IBM. Ultimately, their experience can help them gain direction and focus as well as the credentials and contacts beneficial to a career in the future. For IBM, it’s an exceptional way to tap into tomorrow’s IT talent and encourage a new generation of IBMers to come on board.

Competition details won’t be released until later in the summer. However, what we do know is competitors will be using IBM Bluemix and open source technologies. The winner or winners (teams of up to 2 members are allowed) will not only get bragging rights to winning the competition, they’ll get an all-expense paid trip to COMMON’s Fall Conference and Expo in St. Louis, MO from October 2-4, 2017. This premier event provides students access to top-notch education and networking that can’t be found in the classroom.

To be notified when the Competition starts, click here to fill out the information form.

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